About James & Shilo

JamesAndShiloWe have a really cheesy saying between the two of us. I used to work for the AMA (Alberta Motor Association).

So, I am AMA and James is ZING and together we are AMAZING!!!

awwwwww. 🙂 I told you it was cheesy.

Aren’t we cute?! 








Here is a bit about James… 

James DownieJames is a great father. He has singley raised David since he was 3 years old. David is now going into university.

He is the proud master of border collie, Taz, who adores him.

James is a successful speaker, trainer, marketing coach, entrepreneur, salesman, teacher… the list goes on and on.

He loves to travel, read, spend time in nature, and romance his beautiful wife, Shilo.







Here is a bit about Shilo…

Shilo DownieShilo is a great sister and daughter.

She loves cats, but admittedly Taz has stolen her heart.

Shilo is a successful healer, speaker, instructor, project manager, and resource go-to person. Just to name a few.

She loves to travel, especially on road trips, spending time connecting with girlfriends: girly nurturing self-care activities like massages, pedicures, picnics, going for tea etc. She is learning to knit.

Most of all, she is the proud wife of James and friend to David.