The Peacekeeper

Sep 30, 2011 by

One of the BEST gifts I ever got James was a GPS.

I have affectionately named it our “Peacekeeper”!

One of the biggest kinks (aka fastest path to a fight) in our relationship is that I have a strong, internal sense of direction…James – not so much.

And… being the wonderful man that he is, James likes to be right, doesn’t like to be given direction nor told “where to go” especially by me… it kinks us up into tension and turmoil faster than most other “buttons”  in our relationship.

Fortunately, the GPS solves most of those issues.

Since getting the GPS, I have learned a few peacekeeping tips:

  1. Always let the GPS guide James, even if I know a “better” way. For me, I get to sit back and enjoy the ride!
  2. If we are going somewhere we have never been before, I’ll mention the day before how grateful I am that James will take care of making sure we arrive where we are supposed to go on time… it’s a subtle hint, but it’s also a fun game that we play.

Feminine suggestion and praise leads to masculine direction, action and taking care of business.

Now that we have had our GPS for quite some time, we have a lot of humour about it. Some models have clearer directions than others. But every time we go somewhere, we have fun, enjoy a peaceful ride and a more loving relationship!

Who knew it could be that easy!



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