Close Quarters

Nov 19, 2012 by

www.jamesandshilo.comFrom Shilo’s laptop on Monday, November 19th:

So… I have decided to relax my one-week max rule for family this year. 🙂  It is with great delight that my Mom was able to come for a 12 day visit. She arrived Nov 5th and just left on Saturday, Nov 17th. David flew in on the same plane that mom departed on, and he’s here for a month – a nice break from work before resuming university classes in January! David goes home on Dec 18th and my sister, Kim, and her boyfriend Kyle arrive on Dec 19th for 3 weeks. It’s a full schedule of family love this fall here in Mazatlan! The irony is that we have more guests staying for longer periods of time and we’ve rented a smaller house this season! So we’ll be extra cozy.

It was so wonderful having mom here – she wasn’t able to make it down last season, so we packed in lots of fun for her first visit to Mazatlan! Both of our love languages is quality time and it’s been years and years since we’ve had 12 days just to spend together. It was a miracle for us both. And a lot of fun!

David and Kim were down to visit last season. So they know the ropes a bit more this time around. The advantage is that we’re downtown in el Centro this season, so we’re walking distance to everything – restaurants, the ocean, the market, great shopping, the water taxi to stone island and more! There’s always live music in the evenings, events on the square and performances at the theatre which is minutes from our door. A nice “upgrade” from the 30+ minute drive one-way we did last season to participate in anything downtown. So they are not tied to our hip; they can take off with their cell phone and go where the breeze takes them. Spending as much or as little time with us as they prefer. Having the option for greater freedom is wonderful for all of us. 🙂

www.jamesadnshilo.comAnd, we’ve already noticed, being in close quarters gives everyone the opportunity to notice their own stuff and practice communication! We had a great conversation with David yesterday about expectations, opening lines of communication and how it’s easier to communicate when things are going well. It’s better to be in the practice of communicating when things go well, so that when something difficult comes up the channels of communication are already open and it is easier to ask for what you need. David will be moving out of his grandparents place when he returns from Maz into a friends’ parents’ place. It was a cool conversation to have, the three of us. And it also opened the doorway to talk about our month here in Mexico together and what everyone needs to make the experience peaceful and joyous. This is the first time in 2 years that all three of us have lived in the same place for a whole month. We’re excited. <3

Poor David is surrounded by “OCD cleaning types” and I am another one of them, so this will also be good practice for him in preparing to move-in with his friend at his parent’s place. We have reminded him that it’s about other people’s standards… at least until he has is earning enough money to live alone in his own place! Ah the joys of growing up!