Stranded in the Drink!

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From Shilo’s laptop Sunday, July 10th, 2011

While staying here on Lake of the Woods with our dear friends, Glen & Charlotte (and their girls Shelby, 13 & Sarah, 15), one of my favorite water activities has been going for boat rides. Charlotte is a natural driver and navigator and has lead us on many a fun adventure, sight seeing all of the incredible cabins, boat houses and guest quarters in the area all by boat.

We have also hooked up with friends and gone for rides with them on their boat, which is what happened on Friday. Shelby escorted us by seadoo out onto Doug’s boat. Doug is a friend of the family with a BIG boat that our friends’ girls drool over (“that’s the boat you should have gotten, mom” we heard quite a few times that day!), so it was with much anticipation that we got to go for an “peaceful adults only” boat trip with Doug and Charlotte on his deluxe boat. Doug took us to Kenora and around numerous bays and channels. I am amazed at how fast time flies on the water – the crystal water, cloudless skies, bright sunlight and warm rays to bask in – a feast for the senses. We left late afternoon and in only a blink it was already 8pm!

Glen was driving out from Winnipeg and Charlotte needed him to be “dock boy” and help us get tied down on the dock without injury to the boat or dock, however Glen was still 20+ minutes away from the cabin, so Doug cut the engine and we sat there afloat, drinking adult beverages and having a wonderful time! However when Doug went to re-start the boat, the engine was flooded and the thing stalled. So we floated in the channel at sunset (which was stunning), adrift on the waves. By the time Glen arrived to the cabin, he ended up jumping onto the seadoo and – with a tow rope in hand – drove out to rescue us since we were stranded in “the Drink” (lake jargon for the actual lake)! This is Glen to our rescue; photo to the right. >>

It was quite a sight to behold, a 37 foot boat being towed into dock by a seadoo (above)!

I am delighted that – if we had to be stranded – it was with such wonderful friends on a beautiful evening, middle of the channel away from any rocks or islands, and that amazing help was a phone call away.

Turned out the fuel pump had gone, which was fixed the next day. What an adventure!


🙂 Shilo

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