Competition for James

Nov 18, 2011 by

Shilo Downie gets kisses from sea lion, BonyYesterday was the third anniversary for a local magazine called M! and a big festive celebration was hosted by the magazine at the local Aquarium from 6pm to 8:30pm.

James and I went and  had a wonderful time. It was a great opportunity to visit the aquarium and also to meet new people – the event was overflowing with hundreds of expats!

Part of the evening was a super fun sea lion show. These amazing creatures were rescued not long ago and rehabilitated and trained by the aquarium. They did jumps, dove through hoops suspended from the roof, jumped and hit balls with their tail fins and more. They clapped and sang and for this animal lover it was a delgithful presentation.

After the show, I got an up-close-and-personal introduction to Bony, the largest sea lion at the aquarium weighing in a over 600 pounds! I was astounded by his agility and dexterity. Watch out James! You have competition!

After the show, we wandered around and watched the manta-rays and sharks. They have crocodiles, deer and Macaw parrots there too, to my surprise  – though not in the same cages, thankfully!Cheryl & Rob playing at the Mazatlan Aquarium

Local musicians Rob and Cheryl performed. We saw their our first night out in Mazatlan and again on Sunday for James’ birthday. But last night, we could sing along to many of their songs and felt like “groupies” in the making!