Swimming with the Sharks

Jan 26, 2012 by

Shilo Downie swimming with the sharks in MazatlanNo, not the time-share sales people… sharks! Actual sharks!


Here at the Mazatlan Aquarium, you can swim with the sharks for the bargain price of only $300 pesos (300 / 13 = $23!!).

So, while our friends Chris & Darlene were visiting, we jumping in with both feet!

The water was cool but not as freezing as I thought it would be – very salty though. Makes sense, although I hadn’t thought about that part.James Downie swimming with the sharks in Mazatlan

The sharks swam at the bottom and we first dove down to touch them. Then the Aquarium shark handler swam down and gently brought one up closer to the surface so we could touch it, and even hold its fins and swim with it if we could hold our breath that long under water.

The sharks skin is surprisingly rough, like sandpaper. Nurse sharks. Not very interested in people – you could tell quite quickly that they were less impressed about us then we were about being in with them. I called them “Veggie Sharks!”

Our Aquarium shark handler’s name was Alan and he was excellent – he was super gentle with these amazing sea creatures. And he could hold his breath for crazy periods of time! I’d go down for a while, come up and take a deep breath, go down again, come up, go down again… all the while Alan stayed below!! Amazing what conditioning can do for a person!

shark tankWe each had 15 minutes in the tank with the sharks. The hour flew by.

It was definintely a bucket-list experience for each of us!