Bali Bliss

Jun 20, 2013 by

After our mastermind wrapped up back in Manila on May 31st, James and I flew to Indonesia. “Once you’re overseas, why not stay longer?” was our idea! So we flew into Bali and spent two nights in Kuda on the coast (the Auzzie party scene!), and then hired a taxi to take us inland to the cultural mecca of Ubud where we spent almost 3 weeks. This was our 5th anniversary present to eachother and we loved every second!

Being in Bali, where everything is SO different, was my first experience of feeling homesick. The language was foreign (I couldn’t even recognize a single word!), the architecture was totally foriegn and so were all of the local customs and routines. The primary religion of Indonesia is Muslim, however the island of Bali is primarily Hindu. This was my first time in southeast Asia, I had never seen such elaborate statues and temples! Every home, community center, business, shopping mall etc has its own temple and several times during the day, the locals give a devotional offering to their Gods – it was deeply moving to witness such love and devotion. The first couple of days were an adjustment and then after that I had a ball! 🙂

We went to the Elephant Park and rode an elephant ~ what amazing, soul-full creatures! We went to the Bird Park even though we’re not really bird fans (and loved every second!), hired a private driver to take us around “off the beaten track” around the island – to see more of the local sights and sounds, and to get away from the tourists for a while. We drank Kopi Luwak coffee (the most expensive coffee in the world, also called “poop coffee”!), played on black sand beaches, visited volcanoes and everything inbetween! What a gift to share with each other. I feel deeply blessed and grateful for this special time together.

we do!

Shilo ~ playing on the black sand beach!

James ~ playing on the black sand beach!

touring sacred temples – we had to done special sarongs before we could enter

we loved the local markets 🙂

step rice fields just minutes from where we were staying in Ubud – amazing technology!

the cevit – a mammal that eats coffee beans, digests the beans and poops them out – then the beans are collected, processed and refined

Kopi Lewak coffee menu

Kopi Lewak coffee menu

our guide and private driver

poop coffee – yum! lol

James drinking poop coffee – yummy! lol

James & Shilo at the step rice fields