Pearl Farm Masterminding

May 31, 2013 by

Our week Masterminding at the Pearl Farm resort was wonderful. We settled into a beautiful routine each day – morning collaboration and sharing resources amongst us participants, breakfast and a morning swim, gathering to take the water taxi across to a private island owned by the resort where we met to do our masterminding – under the shade of the palm trees, over-looking the deep blue ocean. It was a miracle experience! Around 2pm, we’d come back in time for a late lunch and have the afternoon free to ourselves for pampering (massages galore), adrenalin & adventures (deep sea diving, jet skiing, skidooing etc) and more. We’d gather for another check-in with Beejal just before dinner, enjoy dinner and entertainment with the group and then do whatever called to us in the evenings: walking on the beach under the stars, going for a nighttime swim, more massages. The question became: “how good can I really let it be?!” On the last day, we were all sad to leave – the time always goes by so fast!

Shilo – masterminding!

James -masterminding!

unexpected gatherings – Rebecca (our resident scientist & science educator) lead us in an observation of “survival of the fittest.”

the subjects of our intense study and fascination!

going to work each morning!

the camera just doesn’t do it justice – the different types of fish and their amazing colors were a constant delight!

these starfish are bigger than the palm of my hand!

yeah ~ bring on the daily massages!

evening check-ins ~ life is rough!

the office – this is where we worked most mornings while masterminding 😉

Daven strategizing!

the joiner – our newest member of the marketing group!

fun times – on route to scuba diving

the supervisor!

the boys ~ just before the dive!