Monkey Tales, Elephant Ears & Bird Baths

Jul 2, 2013 by

In the town of Ubud, Bali where we spent the majority of our time, we were close to many natural delights including the Monkey Forest, a national Bird Park, a private Elephant Park and more.

I had my water bottle stolen by a bold little monkey – the water bottle was almost as big as he was! Thankfully, my brave hero James wrestled it back but was chased for his efforts! Those monkeys are small but fierce.

The Elephant Park was a deeply profound experience for me. Looking into the eyes of those magestic animals was an experience I shall never forget. Not only did we get to ride an elephant, we watched them paint, count, do incredible balancing tricks and more.

Another day, we went to the Bali Bird Park – I am not sure how we got talked into that excursion since neither of us really love birds, but I am so glad we went – it was a surprise and a delight to be able to interact with so many different birds.

Bali was a trip with so many “firsts” – James and I loved all of the new experiences we had each and every day! It was definitely a trip of a lifetime.

our elephant ride <3

elephant cuddles!

love at first sight – this little guy adored James, rooting around in his pockets, munching his hair and generally sharing the love!

elephant blessings – we were crowned with flowers by this handsome elephant!

amazing balancing tricks

gifted artists 🙂

feeding time! the little guy on my shoulder kept nibblling my inner ear though – lol

just hanging out!

wow – what a cool experience!

James was the bird whisperer!

pink peacocks – yes, pink!

pretty in pink!

Shilo ~ enjoying the exotic flowers of Ubud, Bali 🙂

James – monkeying around!

More monkeying around!

the little buggar who stole my water bottle and ran up a tree with it!

James’ new friend – this little guy loved being on James’ shoulder and was content to stay for a while!