That was Easy!

Jun 18, 2011 by

I am thrilled to report that our move was successful!! Yeah.

We moved out Friday the 10th, cleaned and did final touch-ups last weekend, had move-out cleaners on Tuesday and happily handed over the keys on Wednesday. :0)  We have gotten rid of the entire contents of our home (dishes, couches, everything!) as part of our action plan to move to Mexico and travel abroad.

We are temporarily staying with friends, so our son (David just turned 18) has a place to stay over the summer (James and I are travelling). David moves into residence at UofC for university on the September long weekend. We will be back in Calgary late August so we can help him get settled into Res, and we will stick around for September to ensure he gets settled.

Then we will drive out to Vancouver and down the west coast to LA for the Mastermind weekend in LA in October and, after that, keep heading south to Mazatlan, Mexico.

That was EASY!

There were up moments and down moments through this BIG transition. Moving is not the most funnest of activities. The timing was not great, given that everything unfolded at the same time as David was finishing his last class of grade 12 and beginning his departmental exams. AND we got through it.

What made it so much smoother was the laughter!

Laughter with friends who were helping us get packed, laughter at ourselves and how punch-drunk we sounded from exhaustion! Another surprise and delight was the Staples “That was Easy!” button that kept going off at divine times during the move, both at our Silverado home and here at our friend’s place. I bought everyone a Staples “Easy Button” for their Christmas stocking  last year never knowing then what a blessing it would be now!

During tense moments, something would shift in a box and the button would chime, breaking the tension! During busy moments, something would get bumped and another button would chime, a great reminder to have fun and enjoy the process!!

Who knew!  😉