How our Adventure Began…

It was May 2008, just a couple of months after James had proposed to me, and just a month before the wedding.

We had attended a seminar from Effortless Prosperity called Clearing to Create. The last day was all about releasing attachment to materials goods (not about getting rid of material goods, but about releasing ones emotional attachment to those materials). A powerful meditation was done, and then there was a break. James and I both came together after the meditation and said, almost unanimously, “We need to sell the house!”

THAT was a pivotal moment in our lives, and the beginning of our 3-year plan to relocate someplace tropical. Time passed, we got married, went on our honeymoon, and then celebrated our first Christmas together in Mexico. .. the wheels began to turn. The apartment that we always stayed in when we went to Puerto Vallarta was being sold. This spurred us into real-estate action: looking at a variety of properties that were sale in the area, talking to folks about living in Mexico, having lengthy conversations about the pros and cons of living some place tropical, specifically Mexico. By this time we also had a growing interest in Costa Rica, though neither of us had ever traveled there before.

The long and the short of it that trip was that we were not ready to buy something yet, nor were we ready to relocate yet. We still had full custody of David, James’ son, who was then just beginning high school. Moving to Mexico when none of us spoke the language was not a favorable plan in his mind.

However the seed was planted. We knew we wanted to relocate to someplace tropical, we just didn’t know where or when exactly. Tiny insignificant details!!

House for SaleIn spring of 2009, we contacted a Realtor about listing our home for sale. Through the summer and into the early fall we sorted, purged, cleaned and purged and purged some more! In October we listed, and had a offer before the paperwork was even complete on the listing! We sold the house in 12 days for a great price and moved from our community of Somerset across the highway, only 5 minutes away, into the newer subdivision of Silverado.

I laughing said, “we are inching our way to Mexico!” I was only sort of kidding.

By this time, we had a plan. We rented in Silverado for 19 months, which would take us to the end of June 2011. David graduates high school in June, 2011 and is off to university in the fall. We would rent, slowly get rid of our “stuff” that came with us during the move and then travel. These past 17 months have been a time of “readying” — emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

It was in March 2011 that we were invited to attend the first Mexico Living Expo held here in Calgary down at the Round Up Center. There were some great keynote speakers talking about residency and non-residency, and how to buy real estate in Mexico. Plus there were booths from developments all across Mexico selling everything from half million dollar condos to fifty thousand dollar plots of land in the backwoods on the beach somewhere that would be developed sometime in the “near future” that had no roads, services or anything!

There was one booth that caught our attention though. As we were walking by, James heard the lady mention that she and her husband had jumped into the car and drove down to Mexico and across Mexico until they found a great place to buy. We flagged her down and she turned out to be an earth angel! We must have stood there and talked to her for almost an hour and a half!! She had such great knowledge to share – from her own first hand experience. Medical costs and options, insurance costs and options, extended tourist permits, tons of info that we need! And her and her husband had done exactly what we were planning on doing!! She shared with us her contact info and we connect with her still when she comes to Calgary – we hope to visit her when we are down in Mexico in the fall. After that expo, we went for Mexican food and celebrated the possibilities. If nothing else, we are clear that we are getting rid of everything and going to Mexico… from there, who knows?! We are open to the adventure.

It is now the beginning of May 2011 as I type this little missive. We are hosting an open house for friends & family this coming weekend to sell/donate most of our household items before we list everything to the public next week using Craigslist and Kijiji.

We learned a great little tip from some new friends we meet in LA in April – to take pictures of everything and put that link up on Flickr. Then send that link out to our friends & family and also include it in each of the ads for our items left to sell in Kijiji and Craigslist. Brilliant!

The GREAT PURGE has begun!

Our current plan is to move in with friends in early June while we finish clearing the rest of the stuff out of our rental home. Our rental contract is up at the end of June. James and are traveling through the summer – in western Ontario with friends near Kenora at Lake of the Woods, then off to a very special 50th birthday party mid July in Kelowna, then down to Sedona for a workshop for 2 weeks. From Sedona, we are driving down to San Diego for the annual Isagenix Celebration for james’ business. On our way back north, we will stop into San Francisco to visit my best friend Susan and then carry on north back to Canada. David is starting university this fall – although we are not yet sure about whether that will be at UBC in Vancouver or at UofC in Calgary. Either location, we will stick around and see David settled into university for several weeks. Mid-October, we will once again begin our travels back south – taking our delightful dog, Taz, a border collie – with us! We have a business Mastermind weekend in LA the final weekend of October, and once that is complete we will continue on south for the winter.

NO MORE SNOW!!! Yeah!!

Anyway, that is our plan. We are taking the action steps that will move us in that direction while at the same time being open and flexible with the flow. One of my favorite thoughts is: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him YOUR plan!!”

So, we’ll see how things go!

This blog is to share with you our adventures, the ups and downs, the sun, sand and surf. All of the exciting things that are a part of this journey. One baby step at a time.