What Do You Mean I don’t Exist?!

Aug 1, 2011 by

From James’ laptop….

“You do not exist” This is not what you want to hear from a teller at your bank -particularly a bank that has 6 figures of your assets.

It was Tuesday morning July 26th and Shilo and I were leaving on the next leg of our adventure. We had packed the car, gotten gas and done all of the preparation the night before. All we had to do was make one *quick* stop at the bank in the morning and then we were on our way. We had dinner plans in Kalispel, Montana Tuesday evening with David’s mom, so we wanted to be on the road by mid-morning.

We left the house by 9:30am and arrived at the bank a few minutes later. Shilo was picking up a new credit card which was taking a few extra minutes so I decided to pop over to the tellers and cash a cheque. The usual routine – access card, password, sign the cheque, ask for cash- then it went all wrong. The teller looked confused, hit a lot of keys on her computer, and called over the bank manager. ” Can I see your access card please” and as Shilo joined me ” Can I see your card as well”. “Is there a problem with the cheque” I asked. “No the cheque is fine Mr. Downie -the problem is you do not exist in our system so we can’t cash any cheques”. This is not a statement you expect to hear from a bank you have done business with for 40+ years.

Our joint chequing account was now “owned” by Mrs. Shilo Downie and Miss Shilo Downie – I was not on ANY of our accounts or assets with the bank. It is a good thing I trust my wife completely or it could have been a suspicion-filled moment. Instead it was curiosity – I think at some level I had wondered what it would feel like to lose your identity.

Amazing how the universe brings us experiences! Fortunately, because Shilo is still on the account, this is not the disaster it could have been. It will get straightened out , the bank will change some procedures, and life will go on. The whole situation felt a little surreal in the moment – disbelief, anger, frustration all showed up over the 2 HOURS we spent trying to straighten this out.

We arrived in Montana later than we wanted to and I had some moments of disorientation – after all who I am feels somewhat attached to assests and my name, that is what we are taught is our identity.

As I have released things over the past while, it has become clear I am not my things. Today I learned I am not my name. I am much larger than all those things. I am me.

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  1. Jeff Hunter

    Perfect..adventure and freedom ..I love it.