Releasing Material Goods

May 3, 2011 by

From Shilo’s laptop on Tuesday evening…

There is crazy rain and hail tonight – the cloud outside my window are dark and ominous yet there is definite blue sky south of us. It is now spring here in Calgary – finally! We got a good soaking today which will tame the dust, thankfully.

It has been an eventful day. We emailed out our invitation to all of our family & friends on Sunday evening for our first Friends & Family open house. We are selling &/or donating everything – the entire contents of our house! We took pictures, uploaded those to a free Flickr account, and included that link in our invitation to rave reviews!

I had no idea it would stir up so many interesting and unexpected things!

We got a ton of email and Facebook responses from people saying one of 2 things: “we are interested in xyz – how much are you asking for that and when can I come and pick it up?”  and “we have made our list, see you on Saturday!” Who knew! It tripped up our “fairness” considerations, so we have decided to let those who are asking about specific items know roughly the price we are asking, but we are making the weekend a “first come, first serve” open house.

I had no idea we would get so much attention!

And pricing! How can we decide on a best price for things? The funny conundrum of wanting to charge reasonable value for the big ticket items, but also needing to see everything go! Lots of prayer and deep breaths. 🙂

It is also a great practice to see where I am still attached to things!

I have a picture frame that I know I am not ready to part with. There are 2 painting that just cannot go! So, I am being gentle with myself. I can always get rid of those things later, if I choose, but better not to force things now. I am really proud of my detachment for the most part. And James is doing great too!

Today, Tuesday, I made the list of our household items, description and it’s ready for the prices (we are doing pricing tomorrow!). James cleaned out the garage so we can put everything that we want to donate/give away for free to a good home out there.

Wednesday is pricing. And bringing stuff up from the basement.

Thursday is bringing the Trailer in, so it can be parked on the driveway for the weekend. That too if for sale to a good home. And also bringing more stuff up from the basement.

Friday is a flex day – plus bringing up whatever hasn’t already been brought up from the basement!

Saturday and Sunday are the open houses, from 10am to 4pm.

Say a prayer of peace for us. Ease and Grace are invited to participate in every step of the journey. Ease sits on my right shoulder and Grace sits on my left. They are like members of my family and they remind me – because I do sometimes forget!! – that this IS allowed to be easy and fun!


🙂 Shilo

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