Working on the Road

Jul 7, 2011 by

It is a beautiful sunny afternoon here on Lake of the Woods, Ontario. A wicked thunder and lightening storm blew through a few hours ago, but it is blue skies and sunshine now. As a city girl, this whole “lake culture” is TOTALLY new to me! I am learning to develop my “boat legs”!

We have been on the road for over a week now and everything is hit and miss! I am glad that we are looking at this as an adventure and are open to having a variety of experiences – patience and humor have been tremendously helpful.

Since we are out on the lake, cell phone coverage is spotty – even more than expected! Plus…

Our Telus email/phone account was cancelled at the end of June, which caused more of fuss then we expected. Our and email addresses were automatically forwarded to the Telus account. Although we did change all of the email forwarding prior to the transition, nothing worked and then after Telus was officially cancelled, everything has been bouncing! We are still here but are clearing some communication karma! If you need to reach us, send us a comment through this website and we’ll send you our new temporary email contact info (or email us via Facebook).

James and I have been sharing my laptop since his computer fried just before we moved and he has not been able to Resurrect it yet. Our goal is to be able to both get all our work done in only a few hours, so James’ Scottish blood demanded that we share a laptop… but we are not there yet and sharing has not been as effortless as he hoped!! So, working on the road continues to be an adventure and a work in progress!

We are releasing our communication blockages and having much more fun!

Research continues on long distance and internet options, both while we are travelling through North America, and for while we are in Mexico and abroad. Who knew that we would need to know these things! When we first started down this road 3 years ago, it was a mindful action – taking the one next guided step. And here we are, at a new peak on the path, and still it is all about taking one small, guided, next step.