A Neck Pillow for Taz

Jul 10, 2011 by

TAZ, our beloved Border CollieTaz, our beloved border collie, has joined us on this adventure across western Canada to Kenora, Ontario. He is a seasoned day-trip passenger but long trips have been rare for Taz. Always, he loves being in the car with us, so we made a leap of faith and brought him with us on this first leg of our summer holiday, as a trial run to see how he will do in the fall when we drive down to Mexico.

Taz has done extremely well, and although there is more space in the back seat, his preference is usually to sit in the front passengers lap so he can intently observe the sights of highway driving. After long 10+ hour driving days though, even Taz gets tired and I was highly amused to discover that he prefers to travel with a neck pillow of his own!Kim, Shilo and TAZ at Christmas time

This (left) is Taz at our Silverado place before we moved – I tried to get a photo of him in the car with his neck pillow, but he doesn’t sit still long enough when the car is stopped for me to take a picture of him curled up with James in the front seat. So, instead here is our beloved K9!

On the right is Taz playing with my sister, Kim, and I are Christmas time!