What are we doing? Are we crazy?!

May 3, 2011 by

From Shilo’s laptop on Monday…

James and I had one of those questioning moments this morning!

We were standing in the kitchen, chatting a bit about the invitation for the friends and family open house that we sent out to everyone last night. And then tracking back from the weekend and outlining what needs to get done in preparation for the open house.

Both of us looked at each other and said, “What are we doing? Are we crazy?!”

And then we laughed. It was one of those questioning moments, but nothing that a hug couldn’t cure.

I think we are crazy!! Crazy about life, about enjoying peaceful joyous adventures, about learning and growing and having FUN! In a world where most people are numb, bored or unaware, it is refreshing to be “up to something.”

I was surprised in the email responses to our open house how many people responded saying, “you’re moving??!!”

This is only the final phase in our 3-year plan towards moving to a tropical place. But, as a friend reminded me, lots of people talk about moving someplace warm and never do it. Maybe people didn’t believe us when we spoke about our plans? Maybe people are just busy in their own full lives and forgot. No worries.

It was just an interesting notice.

Anyway, this is us (see above!) – James and I – having fun and being crazy, FULLY!

Why not?!

Live. Laugh. Love. Do it now!


🙂 Shilo

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