Reflections on June 2011

Jul 23, 2011 by

David's high school graduationAs I sit for a quiet moment and reflect, it is amazing to realize just how much has changed in our world in the month of June alone.

First of all, we purged/donated/gave away 90+% of the contents of our home, packed what little was remaining and moved out of our Silverado home. We moved into our dear friends’ place, Chris & Darlene, as they have a spacious basement with tons of natural light and lots of space. Settling in has been an adjustment, as this is only temporary, but it has gone a 100 times better then I had ever imagined.

Also in June, David graduated high school. Where did the time go? He completed his last day of classes right in the midst of our moving craziness, and wrote his departmental exams between packing and unpacking.

This is a great photo of David with his proud mom and dad. His actual graduation ceremony was at the end of May, so we all went out for a family dinner after to Redwater Grille.  David’s mom, Kim Smith and her husband Kits, drove to Calgary and – along with her parents and sister and family – we all connected and celebrated David’s milestone together.

I commend James and Kim for the healing they have done since their divorce. They are friends now, and it has created so much more harmony and peace in our day-to-day lives as a result.

I feel exceptionally blessed because Kim has welcomed me into the family, fully. She is the absolute ANGEL who did all of the flower arranging at James’ and my wedding 3 years ago, you’ll remember! There is no drama, no fighting, no “stuff”. I always enjoy seeing her and spending time with her and David’s grad was no exception.

There is mostly ease and grace in our step-family dynamic!

Kim likes to say, “we put the FUN in dysFUNctional!”

I agree!