Happy 50th Birthday, David Wood!

Jul 23, 2011 by

James and Shilo 50th Birthday for David WoodFrom Shilo’s laptop mid-July…

Home from Kenora, ONT for only two days, we jumped into the car again and enjoyed a beautiful trip through the Canadian Rocky Mountains to Kelowna, BC. We were celebrating a 50th Birthday with David Wood. James and David go way back to Peak Potentials together, in addition to current connections through Isagenix. It was a fabulous party – well done, Michelle! – with almost 100 people in attendance from all across North America.

As David’s best friend mentioned, it was poignant to be in the room all as a collective to honour and acknowledge David for all of the impact he has had in our own lives that of thousands more. Transformation is David’s hallmark. There were heart felt speeches, rousing songs, a powerful native dance ceremony performed by our dear friend Al Blackbird and hours of fun, laughter, dancing and festivities with a live 8-piece band.

I forgot how many people would be at the party that we knew from other places and connections! I got to meet new friends of James and reconnect with others that we hadn’t seen in several years.

I feel so blessed to have married into so many amazing friendships and connections, David Wood and our mutual friends included.