40 Miles from the North Rim

Aug 5, 2011 by

From Shilo’s laptop…

James at the North RimOn Friday morning, as we were pulling out of Kanab, Utah heading towards Sedona, AZ I realized that we were only 40 miles away from the Grand Canyon! 40 miles from the North Rim which neither of us had visited before, so on impulse we made a detour and headed to the Canyon. We were at the South Rim four years ago during a trip to Vegas, but it is VERY different from the North Rim. There was no Village, no bus-loads of tourists.

The North Rim was quiet and simply vast!

I was ever so bold and took the opportunity to yell “Hello” into the Canyon to hear the echo! By my third yell, with my voice low but projecting powerfully, I was successful! Hearing the echo in the Grand Canyon was super fun and why not?!

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from this diversion!

And, as it is with Nature, no picture does it justice!Shilo at the North Rim


There was also a very bold ground squirrel who crossed his path – familiar enough with tourists that it actually let me touch him!

Ground Squirrel