Joyful Translation

Aug 5, 2011 by

Although James and I have done many workshops since 2006 with Bijan and Effortless Prosperity, this workshop in Sedona is the first one we have attended that has had a translator. Of the 210 participants here, only 30 of us are from North America – everyone else is from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan!

I must admit to having some reservations about what that experience was going to be like – hearing the message in English and then having to wait while it was translated. The fussing of ego!

However, miracles abound.

Kay was the primary translator and she’s a delight. It was so fabulous to hear the timeless message Bijan has to offer through the translation of Kay – she has the most amazing presence. Her body language and facial expressions were priceless! She added just great excitement and enthusiasm, it was the topic of many chuckles and also many inspirations. And to hear the messages spoken in a feminine voice was also an unexpected bonus.

Her addition at the front of the room really touched my heart and the whole week’s lessons took on new meaning for me, because of her amazing gifts. What a joy!

On the second day, even though I had not yet met Kay nor even learned her name, I got up on stage  during the morning Miracle Shares and acknowledged my miracles and insights in her translation.

We connected several times during the remainder of the workshop – a special bond – and I am looking forward to staying in touch with her on our future travels. I love the miracles of new friendships.

Plus, she speaks 6 languages fluently – that’s inspiring as I contemplate learning Spanish for our travels to Mexico!

Thank you, Kay! We love you. 🙂