San Diego Flew by Fast

Aug 8, 2011 by

Things are a little out of order with my posts, but there are just so many super fun pictures and experiences that I want to share!

We add lots of photos to the hard drive each day, and lots of cool experiences to the Downie history books. I am loving the practice of posting pictures and stories from our travels – and it is pressing me to be consistent. The idea that we have a “following” of people checking in with our blog regularly was great in theory, but when I get a few emails saying something along the lines of: “hey! what you been up to lately? where’s your update?! I am living vicariously through you, so you need to post more!” the actuality of it reminds me that blogging isn’t “about me” – it is my expression shared out into the world. Who knew?!

On Friday last week , we drove from Sedona, AZ to San Diego, CA. The drive was beautiful, but HOT! Over 110 degrees in the desert of south-eastern California. And quite the weird landscape – it reminded me of the rock giants from the movie The Never Ending Story!!

This picture (left) does not do it justice – it looked like there had been a giant landslide except there was nothing that these giant rocks could have slid from! And they are huge ginormous rounded boulders that weigh tons each, scattered around in heaping mountain-like piles. James had some scientific explanation about the glaciers melting and leaving them behind, but to me they look like they have been dropped from the sky in these crazy formations! Miles after miles of these rocks. Have you seen them? Have you driven that Interstate 8 into San Diego? It is a sight to behold and one I won’t soon forget.

Arriving in San Diego was great and being back on the ocean and in a cooler climate was fabulous. I love the salty smell of ocean air, that crisp cool breeze. It was low 80s, when sunny but most often mid to low 70s with overcast skies. A welcome break from the hot, hot days in the red rocks.

Our hotel was very close to the convention center where James’ Isagenix conference was held. We stayed in a quaint hotel called Horton Grand Hotel – it had a Victorian era feel to it with modern day conveniences. I love all the people watching in the Gaslamp district. People are fascinating to watch as they bustle along in groups or alone – their animated facial expressions, their pace, their clothing, their conversation. That could be a blog all on its own.

We were only in San Diego for 5 nights, but the time flew by. It was fun to reconnect with team mates we hadn’t seen since last year’s convention, participate in the corporate Celebration, make new friends and witness the bold, cutting-edge steps that the company is taking in the DNA field of youthful ageing through telomere research. Check this out: What’s Aging You

This is me goofing off on the ocean path behind the San Diego convention center – we were out walking and enjoying the ocean at every opportunity. It gives us a visceral experience of what is to come when we move down to Mazatlan in October for 6 months and live right on the beach. I can hardly wait!



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