Tarantulas, Skunks, Lizards Oh My!

Aug 10, 2011 by

Surprising wildlife lives in Sedona right on our condo resort property!

One evening several of us went swimming at the adult pool. Our friend Darlene was heading back to the room while James and I stayed in the pool to relax a bit longer. She let out quite the squeak and said, “I think there’s a skunk on the path!” She didn’t have her glasses on, so we questioned her teasingly a bit – “it can’t be a skunk, it’s probably a mouse. Or a rabbit!”  She was not impressed with our suggestions and came running back into the pool. I got out to investigate and sure enough it was a skunk!

I have never seen a live skunk before, only flat ones on the highway. I was surprised at how white they are. After watching Bugs Bunny and Pepe La Pew as a child, I thought they were all black with a white stripe! I know, how naive can I be! This one had a black body with stripes but it’s tail was solid white. They are really very beautiful creatures – I can see now why some people have them descented and keep them as pets.

We kept a respectable distance though, so no photos of the skunk this time. 🙂

We saw them in the evenings after sunset several times during our second week. Turns out there is a den not far from the adult pool with young skunks too.

A few days later, the evening of the day after Chris and Darlene went home, we ran into a tarantula in the parking lot returning home from more Jerome adventures. Chris wanted to see one while he was in Sedona with us – sorry, Chris. A photo is the best you get this time. 🙁  These spiders are large – about the size of the palm of my hand – and very gentle. A couple of maintenance guys were standing close by, ensuring that no one injured or killed the tarantula on its journey across the parking lot. The signs posted around the site remind us that Sedona is “their home”.

And of course there were lizards everywhere – crawling up walls, scurrying in the bushes. Their colours ranged from muddled browns to vivid yellow and red stripes.

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