Shilo’s Sedona Celebrations

Aug 10, 2011 by

From Shilo’s laptop August 16th…

I was very blessed that many of my friends – long time friends and new friends! – from Effortless Prosperity also remained in Sedona for several days after our Advanced Healing and Meditation seminar was over.

So, James had an open house birthday party for me last week, on Wed Aug 10th – the night before my actual birthday. We made dinner for everyone (a buffet of sorts), James ordered a small birthday cake… and with the heat, we blended up a few slushie drinks! My heartfelt thank you to Sheila who jumped into the kitchen with me and helped serve – she is an angel. <3Shilo's birthday - pool fun

It was SO much fun – almost 40 people came and went that night. For me the most lovely part was all of the laughter, sharing, hugs and more laughter! It was a delight to create a space where everyone could come together informally, outside of the seminar, but with that same heartfelt connection we all developed in the seminar together. And it was my first international birthday celebration! There were people from Canada, USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong and all over China! And they sang “Happy Birthday” to me in both English and Cantonese! That was a real treat!

Some people watched the sun set from our balcony, some chatted in the living room, others romped in the pool – it was relaxed and so much fun!

Thank you everyone for celebrating with me. I feel so deeply blessed by all of the heartfelt relationships I have in my life!