Costa Mesa and Crystal Cove

Aug 19, 2011 by

James & SusanAfter leaving San Diego, we drove to Costa Mesa to spend time with our dear friend, Susan. And Angel & Harley. Her 2 fun cats! We have known Susan for years through Effortless Prosperity and when we have been in LA or San Diego previously, she would drive (sometimes hours one way) to come and see us and visit, which was always a delight! So, it was super fun to come to her for a visit!

Being on a morning Miracle Share call with Susan and many others for a long time, we got to hear Susan share many miracles about a precious beach area close to her house called Crystal Cove. So, once we arrived at her place and settled in, we excitedly went off on an adventure to Crystal Cove to experience the magic first-hand. We were not disappointed!

We parked across the freeway from the ocean entrance and walked through an under-ground tunnel. Although the path I was shocked to see a large cat walking down the steep slope of the hill just up from me. It cross along the rugged terrain, stepped onto the staircase to my right, coming down to the main path where myself and several others were standing – I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was a bobcat. A BIG bobcat. It crossed over the main path right in front of me, not 5 feet away, and then wandered down into the dugout and out of sight to my left.

We spoke with a fellow who works close by and apparently that was the momma bobcat off to find food – rabbits or frogs etc – for her 2 cubs that were camouflaged up in the hill where she came down from. I had come down to the beach without my purse – and no camera either – it would have been quite the picture given how close that momma cat was to me. And she was alert but not concerned about the human population observing her at all. Fascinating.

Walking the beach was every bit as magical as we expected, having heard Susan’s shares over many months! We walked for several hours, playing in the waves, looking for wildlife in the tide pools, looking at shells and smooth glass, marvelling at the surfers dexterity in the water and the endless energy and antics of the kids running back and forth from their parents to the water’s edge. It felt so amazing to walk barefoot on the beach, breathe in that salty sea air and bask in the sunshine.

Susan took us to a fabulous place for dinner that was right on the beach, with an outdoor patio, called the Beachcomber. We got a railing spot so we could see the sun set over the ocean while enjoying our meal. It was a glorious celebration of friendship and nature.

Our second day in Costa Mesa, we went shopping – Sally Beauty (my sparkle supplier!), Costco and a few other fun places – came home and enjoyed a quiet evening of relaxation. Thank you, Susan/Angel/Harley, for opening your heart and your home for us. 🙂


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