The Love Shack

Aug 24, 2011 by

Deb & JamesFrom Shilo’s laptop on Wednesday, August 23rd…

After a joyous – albeit LONG – drive up the coast and through the Redwood forests, we arrived late in the day on Monday in Seattle.

We were staying with dear friends that we had met through WarriorSage, Gary & Deborah. It was Monday night and they each had a gathering – Gary was running the Men’s Meeting and Deborah was guiding a Women’s Circle. It was perfect!! I had time to take a quick shower, grab a snack and go!

After weeks on the road in close quarters with only his amazing goddess (me!), and being in seminars and conventions that were predominantly women, it was great for James to go and connect with 21 good men and get fueled up with masculinity and purpose (and meat!).Gary & James at the Love Shack in Seattle

For me, it was delicious to gather with beautiful, radiant women willing to share, connect and support. It has been a long time since I participated in a Women’s Circle, so my soul sighed with pleasure! I have amazing women in my life whom I connect with regularly, but formally gathering with the intention of heart-wide-open sharing, revealing and celebrating one another as women is something special. I came home that evening feeling so relaxed, yummy and soul-full, it was wonderful!

Deb & ShiloThen on Tuesday, we slept in a bit, had a leisurely start to the day  and then went on a great walk with Gary through the community, and through a natural park close by. There are people who are raising chickens, geese and goats in their back yards right in the city! That was a new paradigm for James and I. The natural park was wild and dense, with narrow winding paths and steep hills and stairs. The air was so clear and crisp, as only a dense forest is. How awesome that they have such a beautiful resource within walking distance of their house. We got to pick blackberries along the path, sight-see and check out local real estate and vegetation. Such a delight for the senses!

That afternoon I enjoyed a much needed nap (all that driving we had done the previous week left us both quite weary and tired), and then we enjoyed a delicious meal, evening of fun, laughter, connection, great music, great wine and lots of love! Deborah has done an incredible job decorating their home – it is a sanctuary for them and for their guests, providing replenishment and love. I loved that – consciously creating one’s space to be a sanctuary. It certainly was for us.

Today we are off to Vancouver, BC. It will be nice to cross back over onto Canadian soil!