Interesting Evolutionary Experiences in Langley

Sep 30, 2011 by

James and Stephen slaving in the kitchenFrom Shilo’s laptop early September…

One of our last stops on the circuit home was in Langley visiting the amazing Stephen & Sonora for 2 nights, the last weekend of August.

We met them through personal development work with WarriorSage – James ran intro events and Stephen & Sonora ran intensives.

Stephen's squirrel & the peanut basketNo longer with WS, they are in a place where they are highly skilled and clearly have amazing gifts working with people – in their own unique ways –  desire to serve and are in the search of their true purpose. A new beginning. A clean slate.

Like so many of us. We can relate to that. It struck a cord with both of us, that searching.

Stephen & Sonora live in this beautiful little oasis, a private secluded corner of heaven on Earth! There home is set back from the rest on their cul-de-sac. They back onto a stunning forest and ravine. The trees are teeming with birds and squirrels and the lush greenery is fragrant and soothing. When they first moved there several years ago, the birds and squirrels were pests. Today, they are now had-fed pets!

They keep a large basket of peanuts just inside the back door. When they are home, weather permitting, the back door is open and the breeze blows gently through the house…or at least I thought the open door was for the breeze. To my astonishment and delight, it is actually left open for the critters, who now make themselves at home and -if the peanut service is slow – they will come inside and help themselves to the stash!!

After developing a growing fondness for these guys, squirrels and Stellar jays, Stephen has gotten to know them, their personalities and characteristics. It was so much fun to be introduced to each one and hear about their adventures and escapades! And to watch the self serve peanut show!

James and Stephen enjoyed “man time” soaking in the hot tub, a treat for James who LOVES hot tubs! And catching up with good friends. Then we went off to brunch in Fort Langley all four of us, and had a fabulous time eating, walking, shopping at the local farmer’s market, drinking tea and catching up with unexpected guests!

Sterling & the peanuts

Over breakfast, I experienced a great miracle. I had a business issues that was weighing greatly on my mind and in my heart, so after struggling to stay present to the conversation over breakfast, I finally asked for everyone’s support and listening ear. It is great to talk through issues with friends, having a non-judgemental and neutral sounding board. It was a real gift how quickly things shift for me when I spoke them out loud. Once I became aware of what the core issue was for me – a fear of being taken advantage of – and was willing to stay present to the vast emotions that were rolling off my body, the energy and emotion dissipated and clarity returned. It was wonderfully cleansing and it also allowed me to be present and in-joy for the rest of the day!

After shopping at the local Farmer’s Market, we stop for tea and was joined by Anjali. Another WS angel. It was fun. It was simple. It was connection. It was celebration of the moment, accepting that everything is as it is, and is unfolding perfectly in the divine order of things!

We are sharing Thanksgiving with Stephen & Sonora on our way back out to the coast, next weekend. We feel deeply blessed to be “adopted” as part of their family.

So many miracles. So much joy.