Terry’s Valley Sunsets and Vineyard Snakes

Aug 29, 2011 by

Andrew Stone & Terry Meyer StoneFrom Shilo’s laptop Thurs August 1st…

James and I were very excited to catch up with Terry and Andrew while we were in Seattle and added their Osoyoos vineyard as one of our adventurous stops on the way home from Langley, BC to Calgary. We haven’t seen them since they were still living in Langley, what 3 years ago? Something like that. So, when we left Langley, we stayed with them for 2 nights: Monday & Tuesday night, leaving Wednesday for Calgary.sunset in Osoyoos

Terry, James and I go right back to that very first WarriorSage into called Sex, Passion and Enlightenment back in January of 2006. We were all participants at that intro (the one that James and I first met at!) and I adopted Terry as an instant friend. Her and Andrew were at the meditation retreat with WarriorSage that James and I were both at only a few weeks later and we have been fast friends ever since.

Terry runs fabulous Goddess workshops and dance nights. When she lived here in Calgary, before she moved to BC, I attended both which were fabulous and filled my feminine soul with wonder. She is running a Goddess workshop in Seattle in October, which I highly recommend!!

sunset in Osoyoos_city and lake viewI have been missing spending time with her, so it was a real blessing to get to stay with them and spend quality time hearing about all of the fun adventures they have all been on since we last saw them.

Terry and Andrew have a stunning vineyard east of Osoyoos, up the hill overlooking the city of Osoyoos, the lakes, and the entire valley and mountains to the west. It is stunning! The first night we were there, James and I walked out to the look-out point in their vineyard to watch the sunset and the colors were breath-taking. That sounds so cheesey, but I simply don’t have any other words to describe the deep, vivid colors and sweeping vistas of the valley.

While we were in the vineyard, we met one of Terry’s many snakes! Fortunately, it was only a garter snake and not one of the rattlesnakes she has posted on Facebook lately!

Monday night we so tired and slept so well in their amazingly comfy spare bed that we missed our 9am phone meeting on Tuesday morning! I have learned the hard way to build in more down time/rest time in our travels. Good learning!

Harry Potter & Shilo DownieWe enjoyed a tour of Terry’s family’s winery north of Osoyoos, stopped to stock up on fresh peaches fresh from the tree in one of the valley’s amazing orchards. We romped and played with their many dogs and cats – I was especially in love with their cats, Harry Potter and Hermoine. Harry Potter in particular fast became my feline friend!

On Monday evening, we all sat down to a feast of BBQ ribs and a glorious salad, roasted potatoes and great conversation. Terry’s daughter Kelly and Andrew’s daughter Isha were there to share in the festivities with us, and we all played a really fun conversation game. I am not sure what it’s called, but someone drew a card which had a specific question on it and got to choose who at the table would answer the question. Once the question was answered, that person got to choose the next card and the next person. Round and round we went for over an hour! There were lots of fun questions and it was a great way for the girls to jump into the conversation, include everyone, and learn some fun and interesting things about each other that doesn’t necessarily come up in normal dinner conversation. I loved it! I am going to have to figure out the name of that game.

Terry also have a cool program that is about life design, drawing from the I Cheng, Astrology and many other ancient and eastern philosophies – you enter your name, date of birth and time of birth and the location of your birth and it produces this incredible “report” – that’s not the right word for it, since it is so incredibly comprehensive – that was fascinating to review. terry and Andrew ran one for each of us and then ran a compatibility report, which was even more interesting! It was uncanny how much truth there was in that program, from just those few facts!

Needless to say it was another fun-filled visit on route.