15 more bags!

Sep 13, 2011 by

I can hardly believe it but in the last week, we have donated 15 large heavy-duty black garbage bags of clothing, bedding etc.

After all of the purging we did prior to moving in June, it is hard to believe that there was that much still kicking around, but there was!

And there is more yet.

After my magical pedicure on Friday by Juanita from My Best Foot Forward Juanita hauled away 2 garbage bags full of winter coats to donate to the Alpha House.


Thankfully only a few days later my Earth Angel Amy Omelusik came to my rescue. Amy has this divine ability to find homes for things – she connects people and resources with ease. So, bless her generous heart, she came to our place for tea and a long over-due visit and then packed her vehicle full of the rest of our bags of donations and took them away!

It created a ton of room in our tiny basement space, which was a wonderful miracle! And because those bags were taking up such space but are gone now, it feels like we are getting somewhere in our final purge, which is reassuring! Some days it feels like we will never get rid of all of our “stuff”!

We are 3.5 weeks away from our final departure from Calgary – time is flying by so fast!

We still have James’ sound system and 2 statues to sell (a stone carving & a silver statue), stationary and books to purge, and lots of little things to toss.

And my Pontiac G6 GT to sell. My car is listed on Kijiji.

Things are slowly coming together. We are getting more and more ruthless in our purging. With a much  more discerning eye, we are asking ourselves, “Do I really need to take this with us? I can only take 2 suitcases so if I take this, what am I going to leave behind instead?” It is a very cleansing process for both of us.

The Journey continues!