Where There is Hope

Sep 14, 2011 by

I was going through more of our summer pictures and forgot that we took some super cute ones while passing through Hope, BC on our drive from Langley to Osoyoos.

We picked up some lunch and ate at a picnic table over looking the spectacular river and mountains.

It was a wonderful way to stretch, get some fresh air, fuel our bodies and shift our energy.

Angel of Hope_James DownieAll through Hope there are artistic and beautiful sculptures. Some on the street corners, others in the centre of fountains or parks.

James’ favorite discovery was this delightful angel carving that you stand on – interactive art! We loved it. 🙂

It made our lunch trip playful and fun in spontaneous and creative ways!

Angel_stairway to heavenJames, those wings look great on you, but where is your halo??!!

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