A Stiff Drink and a Cigarette

Sep 17, 2011 by

So, as many of your know, we are temporarily staying in the basement at our dear friends Chris & Darlene’s place.

When we moved in, Chris & Darlene had a door put on in the basement, to ensure that their cats did not interact with our dog,  Taz. Because their basement is almost at grade level, we let Taz in and out of the backyard through the bedroom window. We put padding and carpet down on the dark wood surrounding the window and on the bench beneath it. Taz jumps in and out with ease. A crazy, creative solution, but because we are only here during the summer time, it works.

Their cats are beautiful, pure bred, highly sensitive princesses! Super cute. I love them both. The black one is Theo, Chris’s cat, and the white one is Darlene’s cat, Serenity. Chris calls Serenity a “blonde on roller-blades”!

We have been in this space for 3 months now (time flies!) and finally the inevitable happened: Taz got out of the basement and chased the cat.

I was going upstairs with lots of stuff in my arms and asked James to get the door for me. Taz was around, but he mostly ignores the door, so we didn’t think anything of it. However, when the door opened, Serenity (the white cat) was sitting 2 steps up from the door and Taz saw her. In a fraction of a second he was gone! Streaking up the stairs, barking and fully engaged in the chase.

James and I clamoured up the stairs after him, but I wasn’t really worried – I had great faith that the cat could easily outrun Taz. Our previous cat, Karma, always did. It didn’t occur to me until I got upstairs and witnessed the situation that clearly this cat had never had to run that fast before. She has never been chased by a “predator” and clearly was not in fine form.

When we rounded the corner, we spotted these two in the dining room – Taz barking like crazy and the poor cat trying to scale the wall and climb the sheer blinds in a single leap. Sheer momentum kept her in the air for a good second or two longer then normal, but all too quickly she fell back down onto the chair in front of the window, which put her back at Taz’s level.

From there, she streaked across the hardwood into the living room – Taz  hot on her tail, barely made the abrupt corner up onto the sofa and onto the ledge of the half wall separating the living room from the kitchen. She lost her footing scrambling on the ledge, almost fell off and then leapt at her cat tree with all she was worth. It rocked with the momentum of her arrival!

We had caught Taz in the chase as he came running out of the Dining Room. He was clearly disappointed that this super-fun game was over. James took him back down stairs. Taz was refreshed and revived – with energy to burn. It was a very enlivening experience for him! He couldn’t figure out why James was mad at him. LOL

I put my arms full of stuff down and remained upstairs making dinner for the next 30 or so minutes.

Poor Serenity looked seriously harassed. Her eyes were glassy and her fur was dull and puffed up for quite some time after the “incident”.

I told James and Darlene later that she looked, in that moment, like she could seroiusly use a stiff drink and a cigarette!

Needless to say Taz is most alert when the door opens now… and the cat has not been seen anywhere close to the basement stairs since!!

Thankfully, Theo (the black one and most high-strung of the 2) was upstairs with Darlene and remained out of harms way. Serenity recovered later that night and has been quite friendly ever since.

Thank goodness Chris and Darlene have a great sense of humor! 🙂