Bye for Now

Sep 30, 2011 by

From Shilo’s laptop late Wednesday night…

James is out hosting an introductory evening for The Mastery of Self Expression tonight. We are still sharing a laptop – urg! – I stayed home tonight, so I could get caught up and have some un-interrupted laptop time!! I keep bugging James to get his own, but the one he likes is only available in the US, so he’ll have to wait until our trek south in October. In the  meantime, the “diplomatic scheduling of computer time” continues!! LOL  🙂

These last few weeks that we  have been home preparing for our departure to Mexico, we have had the wonderful fortune to connect and break bread with several dear friends.

An “almost” spontaneous dinner with Neil & Tina came together in only a few days – instead of weeks that it has taken us to schedule a dinner in the past! – and we met for a wonderful meal at the Keg two weekends ago.

Tina & Neil have been married for 20-something years and are an inspiration. They honour their similarities and cherish the differences. The peace and settled contentment between them is lovely.

Just this past weekend, Tamara came calling. Having just returned from Ireland, she regaled us with tales of her travelling adventures. Mara is a vegetarian, so it is a fun stretch in the ol’ recipe department to come up with something yummy that serves everyone, including her! James saved the day with omelette scrambles, and I put together a veggie-rich salad.

We are deeply blessed by all of the friendships we have. Thankfully through the marvels of modern day technology, we can stay in touch with everyone, through this blog, Skype and wonderful little miracles like the Magic Jack!

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  1. Thank you for the kind words… You haven’t even left and we are missing you both…

    Much love..

    Neil and Tina