Crossing over into the US

Oct 13, 2011 by

Yesterday, we made the first major step in our trek to Mexico.

We crossed over the border from Canada into the US in Vancouver… with our Durango full of stuff, and the dog.

I was a bit nervous, having heard many stories recently of people’s car’s being searched at the border, not that we had anything to hide, just knowing what a delay that would create.

However, we sailed through with relative ease. Our border guard was stern and serious, as was to be expected.

He asked all kinds of off-the-wall questions and you should have seen his eye brows raise when we said we were passing through the States to go to Mexico for six months!!

But, we didn’t look like terrorists so we got the green light to “go”!

We made a few stops at the great Outlet malls between the border and Seattle and then enjoyed a wonderful night at The Love Shack again with Gary & Deb in Seattle. It was a perfect day!

Taz settled right in and adopted Gary & Deb with enthusiasm, whether Gary wanted to be adopted or not! Clearly Deborah was in heaven having a puppy dog visit over night!!

We enjoyed wonderful laughter and conversation, jokes, stories and memories. It was an ideal “warm fuzzy” evening for me – my heart is full! Now its off to Medford and then on to San Francisco – see you soon, Sus!



PS – I have lots more posts to “catch-up on” – we had an amazing time at our Going Away parties, let alone a glorious time at the “Garrett/Wallace spa and oasis” in Langley for Thanksgiving! Plus lots of spirited chaos with 2 dogs, 2 small kids and Jill’s family in North Vancouver earlier this week… hopefully I will get caught up tonight with some of those adventures to share!

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