All Green Lights

Oct 26, 2011 by

Our trip down south has been fabulous and full of amazing connections.

We had a great time visiting Susan, Jose and DJ – helping them prepare for Ava’s arrival into the world very soon. I am sending you tons of love for a delivery filled with grace and ease, Sus!

Then, it was on to LA where we had 2 back-to-back seminars: 7 Figure Empire Speakers event and then our Mastermind weekend with 123 Employee. We ended up boarding Taz for the 8 nights at a doggie daycare recommended by an angel, Sandy, in our Mastermind group and Taz had a great time. For all of his snarling at bigger dogs and occassional fits in the park, they transitioned Taz into the group with the large dogs right away and he did great – he was even playing with a few of them, which is a miracle!¬†I had to laugh – the woman who checked us in when we dropped off Taz called me a “helicopter mom” because I “hover” over him… I had never heard that term before but it definitely was appropriate. I only called to check in on him every other day!

I will share more insights and ah-has from our adventures in LA once we are settled and I can sort through all of my amazing photos and stories to share! Stay tuned. ūüėČ

We picked up Taz from doggie daycare early yesterday morning and drove from LA to Nogales, AZ on the US/Mexico border. We stayed at a humble but great hotel close to the border, and the owner was so nice – he upgraded our room and didn’t charge for the dog despite the fact that sales are down. We had a solid nights sleep in a comfy bed with an awesome shower in the morning (water pressure is another one of those random benefits when travelling, I have unexpectedly discovered!). Other than Taz getting his butt kicked by a cat, it was a peaceful evening!

Then, this morning we crossed into Mexico Рthe next part of  our journey is under way! We got all green lights at the border, which made things super easy. No searches, no fuss.

At the Nogales crossing, you drive another 21 km past the border and then stop and do all your paperwork there. So James had prepared a file folder filled with every possibly piece of ID that we might need, determined to not have to pay 5 pecos each for photocopies, despite being told by multiple people that no matter how prepared you are they will find something to charge you 5 pecos for!! So, no surprise, they needed copies of a form that they provided, so they got James afterall… but he (that Scottish blood of his!) was delighted when he pressed further and found out that the only copies needed to be made were his paperwork¬†because¬†that is whose name the vehicle is registered too! That would have been 20 pecos… so it saved him 10 pecos, a bargain, which he loves! It made me laugh, this little game he was playing with himself.

The drive south was beautiful. Much like Arizona, the terrain is very desert-like. Blue skies, big fluffy clouds. And HOT – like 33 to 35 degrees C (90 to 95 degreesF). Thank goodness for sunscreen and air conditioning.

We are half way to Mazatlan – we stopped in Navojoa. A popular mid-way stop. We will leave early tomorrow and drive that last 7 hours into Mazatlan in the early (and cooler) part of the day, then we meet our realtor at 3pm to get settled into our new home.

I am very excited!!

We have loved our time on the road, but all that driving – more than 2500 miles! – has made all 3 of us weary. We are all looking forward to resting and relaxing for a bit. To enjoy the sun, surf and sand – to romp in the ocean and do nothing!! I can hardly wait.

Sending you blessings!