Packed in the Durango

Oct 28, 2011 by

James Downie and dog Taz in Durango on the way to MexicoAs many of you know, we got rid of most of our worldly possessions and packed what little was left into our Durango for our cross continent drive to Mazatlan.

Well, this is what it looks like – tight quarters!

Taz is a tropper and handled the travel extremely well, despite cramped quarters for him too. Like our summer travels, he spent lots of time up in the lap of the front passenger (usually me!), until we got to Mexico and it was hot enough that the shade in the back was more appealing than the full sunlight with air conditioning up front.

Mostly, we had the back packed so high we could barely see out our rear window, plus up the sides super high. Taz had a spot in the middle off all that, where he curled up and napped or sat between us and supervised the travels.

He only had to play mediator to one loud disagreement about directions and a missed turn – not bad for 4 weeks in the cramped car travelling!

Now that we have arrived, I am wondering why we brought as much as we did. Especially the blankets – we won’t need any blankets here in Mazatlan!! However, it will still be chilly in April when we make our way north again, so I will probably be super grateful for them then.

We were  using an overnight bag so we wouldn’t have to pull out our massively heavy suitcases at each stop en route, but as we were on the road longer and longer, the overnight bag kept getting more and more full and less and less convenient!  We will have to keep fine tuning that concept as we go.

All in all, the trip went well. I am super glad we brought the Durango and not my G6.