Navajoa Rest Stop

Oct 29, 2011 by

As I mentioned earlier, we crossed the US / Mexico border with ease on Wednesday morning. It was amazing to see how many people were there doing what we are doing – getting away for the winter. People semi-retired or fully retired. Heading to Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta and other coastal destinations. We met couples from Calgary, Kelowna BC, Bent Oregon, just to name a few.

The general consensus here is that it is safer on the Mexico side then it is on the US side… and its way safer in the tourist towns then your home city.

James had a fabulously efficient woman at the border processing our documentation – this was a miracle given almost everyone else on shift that morning was in-training!

On the drive, we passed and were passed by MANY vehicles with US plates. Very cool to see how many of us were making the trek and it is not even “high season” for the snow birds yet.

After 7 hours, we stopped at the popular mid-way point on the route, a town called Navajoa. We stayed at a Best Western which was simple, but comfortable for us and the dog. It had a lovely pool. The parking lot was packed with US and Canadian vehicles and they had a security guard on duty, just in case. We never had to worry about leaving extra suitcases and stuff in our vehicle – everyone else was doing the same!

With the heat, it has been an interesting juggling act, trying to get things done, but not leaving the dog behind. he does not “wait” in the hotel room on his own well at all, he lets his displeasure be widely known by barking the entire time we are gone. And with the heat, we cannot leave him unattended in the vehicle. So, that has made for some creative “I’ll do this and you wait in the car with the dog and the air conditioning on high” and vice versa.

All these little things that we have learned along the way. We are learning as we leap in both expected and unexpected ways!