We have Arrived!

Oct 29, 2011 by

On Thursday afternoon, we finally arrived at our tropical destination!

Real Del Mar – we actually drove right by it and missed the sign. We ended up circling around through Mazatlan for over an hour before we doubled back and spotted the place – we realized too late that we didn’t have specific enough directions, nor did we have the contact numbers handy for the people we were to meet. Ooops, another learning opportunity!

Real Del Mar is a lovely little private residence complex with 38 units right on the beach. It is a quaint, quiet little complex – very few people are around right now, so we have the pool and green space to ourselves!

Once we met with our realtor to go over the complex policies and sign for the keys, check internet etc we unloaded the Durango – what a task! Our stuff seemed to multiply!

We will definitely pack differently next year – there are lots of things we didn’t need or are too hot to wear here (although some might be useful on the drive north in April; there’s still snow in lots of places at that time of the year, when we make our way back north).

And there are a few things that I miss already – anyone coming down to visit, be sure to ask me what I need – I have a “from Calgary” shopping list already started. Things like: balsamic vinegar, Hyghs Seasoning Salt, and other cooking staples that are not available here.

We have since put most things away and have hung pictures. We were just commenting this morning how quickly we have “settled in” here – way faster than when we stayed in Puerto Vallarta several years ago.

The people here are super friendly and we have met some really wonderful Angels who have shared wonderful tips, great restaurant recommendations and general directions – the adventure continues!