Ambassador for Joy

Oct 29, 2011 by

It is Saturday night and we have been here in Mazatlan for two full days so far.

There are so many things to experience and enjoy being in this tropical climate in a location right on the beach/ocean!

So, we have started both of our first two days out with a walk on the beach – Taz has been learning about waves given this is his first experience being at the ocean – the ebb and flow of the water is new to him. He has figured it out, for the most part, when its safe to venture in to collect his ball and when to wait, knowing the tide will sweep it back on shore. He doesn’t like getting soaked, so he learned this quickly. Only one major soaking – you should have seen the look on his doggie face the first time a wave caught him off guard! Then he looked at James like it was HIS fault! Too cute.

This photo is of Taz after returning from our first walk on the beach – if you look closely, you can see that he’s still wet! Take a good look at his amazing fur coat – he won’t look like a border collie for much longer. On Monday he is getting shaved. That will be way more comfortable for him in this heat. But shaved he looks more like an African wild dog!

One thing is certain though – Taz attracts wonderful attention everywhere we take him.

People love dogs! People love our dog!

A couple of people have whistled at him and smiled, others stop for a pat. Yesterday, a family stopped to pet him and both the girls took turns throwing Taz’s ball and watched with fascinated delight when he took off after it and faithfully brought it back for more! Others stop to chat.

We met Colin on the Mallacon (boardwalk) today – he asked what kind of dog Taz was and struck up a wonderful conversation with us. He had recently lost his border collie of 14 years and so it was very special for him to pet Taz and share some stories about his amazing dog.

Where ever we go, Taz brings amazing Light.

He is our Ambassador of Joy!

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  1. So let me get this straight… You have Ease (James) and Grace (Shilo) and now Joy (Taz) sounds like a wondering life….

    Be well my friends, much love to you both.