Back to Basics

Nov 17, 2011 by

Now that we have arrived and are settling in to Mazatlan, a major theme for James and I is Back to Basics.

What do we know works in our lives?

  • going for walks every day
  • daily communication
  • eating healthy meals
  • balancing time on the computer with fun activities
  • getting a good night’s sleep
  • etc

So, now that we have unpacked and we know (mostly!) where everything is and we’ve bought a few items left behind (namely a crockpot! and a plastic organizational 4-drawer unit), we are making sure that these things that we know work for our overall wellness, and for our relationship are in-place.

We are going for walks on the beach, minimum an hour, each day. Taz loves it and so do we! I never gave much thought to the newness of each day on a beach – with the constant shifting of the tides, the currents and the direction of the waves, our beach looks totally different every day!¬† It’s made our walks a fun adventure.

James and I still to this day use a great communication tool called P.I.T. given to us by our dear friend and Mastery of Self Expression mentor, Jill Kennedy. We use that formal format as needed, but we do make sure we connect each day, whether it is sharing recent miracles (shifts in perception, synchronicities, gifts etc), making eye contact and sharing what we love about eachother or some other form of contact.

Just recently, we have added a new weekly meeting to our communication roster. A weekly Money meeting. Our friend Angie Grainger in our 123Mastermind group is a kick ass black belt Money Master and has recently launched a series of online programs and webinars, so James and I have begun participating. Our intention is to bring as much amazing energy into our money relationship as exists in so many other areas of our lives.

We ran out of Isagenix shakes and many other products during the drive down here, and it was an interesting experience getting shake shipped here to Mazatlan. However, Isagenix does have a warehouse that they ship from in Mexico city. Our development has maintenence workers and night security but no one manning the gate, so receiving mail and packages is still something we’re working out. Fortunately, our amazing new friends Jeanette & Emery have graciously accepted Isagenix packages to be shipped to their place and then we go and collect them from there. Shakes just arrived there on Friday so James and I are very much looking forward to getting back into the regular routine of have Isagenix shakes twice a day, and getting onto a regular cleansing schedule. It’s simple, easy and in this hot weather not too heavy or labour intensive. ūüôā

I am amazed that even here, in the paradise of Mazatlan, how easy it is to get caught up spending 8, 10, 12 hours a day on the computer!! Yes, we keep the windows open so the view and the sound of the waves are fabulous (if I think to look up from the screen long enough to notice it). OUr intention was to srteamline our tasks, and prioritize so we would only need to spend 2 – 3 hours per day on the computer… shifting gradually to that ideal of a¬† “4 Hour Work Week”!¬† Needless to say, more energy and intention is needed in this department. My success partner last week tasked me with tracking just how many hours per day I am spending on the computer – I don’t even know! I just know that when it all of a sudden gets dark and my shoulders ache and I don’t know where the day went… that needs to change! >> This is James playing on his new Mac – he took this photo, bugged out the eyes and sent it to me in an email… it only container a subject line… “too much computer¬† – can we go for a walk now…” OMG I laughed and laughed when I got that. Another gift and certainly a “basic” is laughter and a sense of humor. I love our playfulness and that each of us makes that a priority.

We do sleep like babies at night – with the window open and the waves crashing on the shore. It is a tremendous blessing that I am grateful for every day.

So, all in all, things are going great. With each new day, new experiences are had. We explore more and more of the city and are meeting more and more people.

And each day, at least once, we turn to eachother and say, “I am SO glad that we came. I am so glad that we are here together!”