We Want Halloween!

Nov 3, 2011 by

We met Corrine’s dad and  step mom, Emery & Jeanette. They spend 7 or 8 months down in Mazatlan each year and have been coming down for almost 20 years! So, we had spoken to them on the phone and via Facebook – they gave us great tips on getting across the border, what to expect on the drive and more!

We caught up with them in-person at the Square in “old town” for Halloween festivities. Back home, we saw maybe 10 kids in a night, out trick or treating. At the square in old town, there were hundreds! …or at least it felt like that!

Instead of saying “trick or treat”, the kids say – “quiermos Halloween” – which means “we want Halloween”.  Many of the parents even dressed up!!

There were ghosts and gouls, princesses and fairies, devils, cats, phantoms, witches, and more!

We handed out all of our candy in record time!

Jeanette wore her red flashing devil horns and was the fascination of many of the kids!

It was great to see so many small children. Many parents brought their kids to the square since it was safe and so fun!

Our rule was only 1 treat per child, no returning “customers”! The kids totally got it – it was surprising to see the mom’s trying to send their kids in for more candy from the same people saying, “they won’t notice” – but Jeanette did! So, I followed her lead. She speaks Spanish well!

Emery was the offical picture taker – everyone in Mazatlan loves to have their picture taken it seems. We (Jeanette!) would ask the parents if it was okay to take a picture of the kids, or if they were in costume too a picture of everyone and every time, the smiles gleamed and they went away delighted. It was a wonderful thing to behold!

Then, by 9pm-ish the smaller children had gone home… the crazy chainsaw massacre dude appeared! His chainsaw gave off a terrible gasoline stink and made a horrendous noise – a real one without a blade; a safety shield on it the blades place. The older kids shrieked like toddlers and scattered in dismay and mostly mock fear! It was fun to see someone willing to engage the older kids and give them a run for their money! It certainly gave them a Halloween to remember!