Freedom 55 in Mazatlan

Nov 18, 2011 by

James Downie and Taz crossing by boat to Stone IslandJames celebrated his birthday on Sunday – it is his “Freedom 55” and it was amazing and wonderful to celebrate it here in Mazatlan!

We went for a long walk on the beach with Taz, to start off the day our favourite way.

Then we packed up some doggie treats, sun screen and towels and went to Stone Island for the afternoon. Stone Island is actually a peninsula but it takes so long to drive around by car, it is easier to catch a boat across, which inspired the “Island” name.

There are lots of huts and restaurants all along the beach on Stone Island. The water is shallow and it is the most calm stretch of beach anywhere close to Mazatlan. A must-see if you come to visit! There is a wonderful restaurant called Lety’s where the Girls go on Wednesdays, so I took James there on Sunday for his birthday.

Taz did amazingly well in the boat crossing! And the families with kids in the boat with us were delighted with him.

great friends celebrating James Downie's 55th birthdayWe went swimming, played cards, sat in the sun and read our books. It was a delicious afternoon of relaxation and rest, connection and love.

That evening, I surprised James with a dinner at our favourite restaurant called Pedro y Lola’s in Centro on the Square with several of our new friends. Rob & Cheryl were playing again – we saw them our first night out in Mazatlan and enjoyed their music so much we bought there CD! So, it was that much more fun to see them play again the night of james’ birthday festivities. They made a reservation for us and sang him Happy Birthday and bought him dessert. It was especially fun to see them play beneath the full moon, which you can see below. 🙂

It was so much fun!

Happy Birthday, my love! It’s Freedom all the way now. xoxomusic beneath the full moon