My 1st American Thanksgiving

Nov 28, 2011 by

Linda, James Downie, Anthia & JeanetteOn Thursday, I celebrated my first ever American Thanksgiving!

It was a glorious day for food and festivities.

We met at our friends’ Emery & Jeanette’s place and enjoyed a potluck Turkey dinner with all of the fixings on the roof overlooking Centro and the ocean.

There were 12 of us, plus Taz!a rooftop gratitude feast

It was really fun and Taz especially enjoyed it when people (yes, you Victor!!) took pity on him and shared “tastes” with him. Taz would have you think he is starved to death, if that got him more “tastes”!

It was a wonderful time of gratitude, friendship and fun.

loaves and fishes

And as always with potlucks (and women!), it was a “loaves and fishes” experience with more food than we all could eat!

Jeanette made the turkey and stuffing, Irma brought buns, apple stuffing and veggies, Linda & Ralph made 2 pies for dessert, Anthia & Victor brough a fabulous sweet potato dish and more veggies and James and I brought the famous Pecan Bree and a garden salad with veggies, dreid cranberries and almonds in it.

We do have so much to be grateful for.

And for James and I, celebrating in Mazatlan was expecially meaningful.