Garbage Can Music

Nov 28, 2011 by

Psappha – Ensamble de Percusiones

Gira Iberica 2011

We attended a fun and fabulous free presentation on Tuesday evening. A group of 4 men who performed percussion pieces at the local Theatre. They were excellent and the music and rthyms were really cool.

It was almost a full house for the mulitple shows – great for the theatre.

The group played several pieces that ranged from contemporary “box” sounds, to the most emotional drumming and xylophone pieces. I was very impressed with the technical ability and the rthym of all 4 of the presenters!

We went with several friends and sat in the first balcony towards the back – the perfect location give how loud the drumming could be!

We have several videos on our YouTube channel.

Here is my favorite – the Grand Finale of the evening.

The playing of the Gargabe Cans! The video is a little glitchy but look at how in-sync they are with eachother – amazing!