Broadway Magic Mazatlan Style

Nov 30, 2011 by

cabaret statuesI am loving our more “cultural” activities down here in Mazatlan.

I have always enjoyed going to live performances and theatre productions.

Emery & Jeanette have gotten us hooked on many of the performances at the theatre in Centro. There is something going on there several times a week and although James and I don’t go to many of them, we did go to our first orchestra performance on Saturday night called Broadway Magico.

As we entered the main lobby, they had human statues posed in costume from a couple of the major productions featured in the evening’s performance agenda (what is that called? I am sure there is a more “pretty sounding” name for it!!).

The orchestra was visiting from a the city of Sinoloa which is 2+ hours drive away.

Sinoloa orchestraIt was a great orchestra and the conductor is much-loved icon of sorts with all of the Mexican locals.

I cannot remember his name, but he came out in a super sparkly suit jacket and was quite the character!! He definitely made the evening even more fun, enticing the crowd to sing and particpate, clap and cheer.

The pitcure to the right is deceptive; I am sure there were more than 50 musicians performing!

They did songs from My Fair Lady, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, The Sound of Music and bunch of other “classics” that  I had heard of but never seen before!

It worked out really well for this English-only “gringo” that they projected both the English words and the Spanish words to each song on a screen above the stage, so everyone could sing and follow along – perfecto! 🙂 And many of the singers had the most incredible voices!!!

Another thing that makes these evenings fun for James (that Scottish blood in him that LOVES a bargain) is that the tickets were only 300 pecos, less than $30 each for excellent floor seats in the 12th row. So, we went out for dinner with 2 other couples for a fabulous seafood dinner and then went to see this professional Broadway show with a live orchestra and incredible opera singers for less than $80 total!!

What would tickets to the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra cost right now?!?! Certainly nothing on the floor for less than $30!!

We had such a great time that we also bought tickets for the Christmas Pagent and the Nutcracker.