Snapper Sunset

Nov 30, 2011 by

date night sunset dinner at El Capitano in Mazatlan, MexicoFriday night was “date night” and we managed to get organized enough to go for dinner and watch the sun set (you have to be at the restaurant by 4:45pm to catch the amazing transformation and colors of sunset here in Mazatlan right now).

So, we went to a local Mexican restaurant right on the beach called El Capitano.

It had one of these super fun cut-out pictures and so – of course, the big kids that we are!!, we had to get our pictures taken!!Nov 25, 2011 sunset in Mazatlan

The meal was good – we ordered Red Snapper for two.

It had a fun atmosphere and the sunset was beautiful. Although part of the sunset was obsecured by the nearby island, it actually made for some really cool pictures. Everyone, locals and tourists, were out taking pictures that night!

After a romantic ocean-front dinner admiring Nature’s wonders, we went to a movie – one of our favorite past times. We don’t watch TV at all (I couldn’t tell you anything about any of the TV shows on right now!), we ARE movie buffs! So, we went to the nice new movie theatre here in town at the Gran Plaza. Tickets were 39 pecos which is only $3 and we saw the new 3 Muskateers movie. I think it was going for a Sherlock Holmes kinda feel but I am sad to report it was a flop! However, it made me laugh just how bad it was!red snapper fish dinner for two

And for $3, what the heck, eh??!!sunset on Nov 25, 2011 in Mazatlan