No Internet for 12 Days!

Dec 29, 2011 by

Welcome to life in a 3rd world country!

But, wow was that ever a shock.

No internet meant:

No email, no phones, no web. No business connections. No family connections.


We thought it has something to do with being late on our phone/internet bill. You see, they don’t care whether you receive your statement or not. You pay when the payment is due. No bill in the mail? So what, pay it anyway!

This is contrary to James’ style of paying the bill when it arrives, so there have been some minor adjustments on the bill paying front.

However, the internet going down did not have to do with the fact that we missed our due date by a couple of days. That was just a coincidence, we found out later.

For days and days, we would call in to the automated line (which is even more interesting an experience when you have no idea what they are saying or what the options are!!), and kept saying “tehcnical help” until we got someone on the line. Then, we asked for: “persona hablo enlgis, por favor.”  Someone who speaks English, please.

Attempting to troubleshoot technical issues can be challenging at the best of times, and doing it with someone whose English is a second language was quite an adventure too. Each time we called, we talked to someone else who wanted us to try more things. It was definintely an exercise in patience.

Finally, after 10 days our Realtor interjected and started calling on our behalf as well. He was finally able to get a confirmation for a technician to come to our place to assist us – that phone call came just as we arrived at the beach on the other side of town with friends, so James – bless his heart – left me to enjoy the beach and took the water taxi back over to the mainland, and drove 30+ minutes back across town so that he would be there when someone arrived “sometime in the next 24 hours”. As miracles go though, he ran into one of our favorite neighbors, Dotti and Charlie, who were sitting out on their front patio. Next door to them was a Telmex truck!! A technician was in the complext helping someone else! So, James waited around until he was done and had this fellow come to our place – even though he was not slated to do our place!

As soon as he came in to look at our hardware, it was discovered that everything was fixed. Internet was mysteriously back! Turns out, this fellow had to make changes in the electrical box outside our complex. So whatever he did there to assist our neighbor was also what fixed our connect as well.

Another lovely miracle in all of this is that our friends, Jennifer & Cliff, were down visiting. So becasue none of us could do work online, we spent way more time together, enjoying the quiet time and connection, plus the grand adventures that we wouldn’t have done otherwise. So, I think it was divine intervention!