Our First Guests

Dec 28, 2011 by

James and Shilo Downie with friends Jennifer and CliffSo, we had our first guests and it was wonderful!! Cliff and Jennifer arrived on Dec 4th and had decided to stay for almost 3 weeks! They stayed with us for 7 days and then transfered to the All-Inclsive hotel, The RIU, just down the street from us. It worked out beautifully!

So, we picked them up from the airport and whisked them off to an authentic Mexican beach-front bar with dancing, excellent live music and cheap beer!! (below)

Many of our new-found friends meet from 3pm to 7pm-ish on Sundays for excellent Spanish dancing, live music and great food/drinks at Cannuks de Leon in Centro here in Mazatlan, so it was fun to introduce Jennifer and Cliff to everyone. After 9 hours on route by plane, it was great for everyone to get up and move!

Throughout the week, (becasue we had no internet!!) we walked the beaches, and James and I got to play “tour guide” and share with our guests all of our wonderful new discoveries since arriving here in Mazatlan. We also got to show them around so that when they left our place and transfered over to the hotel, they knew where things were and could happily take a bus or taxi to where ever with ease and confidence! Things like the $12/hour massages, wonderful places to eat, the Malecon (is that how you spell that?!) that stretched for miles along the ocean in the Golden Zone and is lined with vendors, shops and on-the-beach restaurants.

Before they left, we went out for dinner and played pool. It was so much fun to celebrate friendship with laughter and joy… apparently I need some lessons in how to play pool too! The picture above was taken just after I lost (twice!). As you can see, I am still working on my tan. James looks like a local already and J&C acquired a lovely tan really fast – apparently I get to “practice patience” in this area too. LOL

Thanks for visit, J & C! We are excited to see you again. 🙂


There was another miracle in their visit for James and I.

I know myself. I get grumpy when someone is in my personal space for too many days in a row.

It doesn’t matter who it is. I just need my space after a while. I love people, and I also love my quiet time, my own personal space. I am grateful that I became so clear on this knowledge. It has helped tremendously in setting clear boundaries and expectations with friends and family coming down here for a visit. Everyone is welcome to come… for 7 days! If you want to stay longer, that is perfectly fine. After 7 days, you’ll just move to another accomodation!

It worked out brilliantly with J&C. For all  of us – I wasn’t grumpy at all. 🙂  And I felt really good honoring myself and my needs.

Miracles abound!