Christmas at Lety’s on the Beach

Dec 24, 2011 by

Our introduction to Christmas festivities was going out to Stone Island for a celebration at the popular restaurant aclled “Lety’s” – a family-run place that everyone loves! They had a “customer appreciation night” of sorts on Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 and it was a great time!

It was ONLY 250 pesos per person for all you can eat and all you can drink. 250 / 13 = $19.23 CND – a steal of a deal. That’s mazatlan for you!

The entire evening was an “event” – we drove over to Emery & Jeanette’s place around 4:30pm and parked our Durango there. There were 12 of us all heading over together, which meant we would have  a fun and memorable time there and back, regardless of who else shows up – the nature of our group!! It was Jeanette & Emery, Gordie & Donna, Linda & Ralph, Irma, Don, plus 2 other couple we met that evening for the first time. As a group, we walked up to the main street corner and caught a truck-taxi to the 24-hour pier so we could catch a water taxi across the channel over to the village of Stone Island.

our friends Gordie & Donna from Nova ScotiaThis was new for James and I. Usually we go to Stone Island from a different pier, but becasue it was late in the day, and that regular water taxi stopped at sunset, we went via the village instead. We had never been to the village of Stone Island – it is a quaint little place. Again we caught a truck-taxi for 5 pesos each that took us the back way to Lety’s. The guys pointed out the peanut roasting house (the owners of this house have a huge culdron in their front yard and they roast peanuts over a fire fresh on the weekends, much to Gordie’s delight). That is the main highlight of the village of Stone Island, with the exception of all of the Chrsitmas lights at this time of year, which were beautiful especially on our way back home later in the evening.

sunset at Lety's December 22, 2011The event started at 6pm but we arrived early, as Jeanette wanted to make sure we got a good table that was central but not right infront of the speakers of the band that would play later (smart!! expereince, perhaps?), So we got there just before 5:30pm and helped set up. They did the coolest thing – they taped strings of Christmas lights just under the lip of the folding plastic tables and then covered the tables with orange and white plastic table cloths. When the strings of lights were plugged in, the table glowed! It was a fun, easy festive trick that I will remember for future parties! Once everything was all ready to go, we sat back and enjoyed the setting of the sun. It was a calm night, so there were sail boats anchored in the little bay that looked spectacular when backlit by the sunset.

Lety's staff handing out party favoursFelippe Jr – the owners son, takes professional cooking classes so his culinery offerings change every week, much to the delight of his regular customers. We got to sample some of his recent additions during the party. Lety’s has an agreement with the restaurants close by – it only serves chicken and seafood. The restaurants close by serve beef. But because this was a private function, Mexican BBQ beef was on the menu, which was a delicious surprise.  It was fun to taste things that I would never normally order on my own at lunch.

Jeanette & Emery at Lety's xmasNot only was it about food and drinks, after a couple of hours a live band started up with awesome music – they put down planks on the sand and created a dance floor!

Then, they handed out santa hat, scarves, streamers, horns to blow, balloons and other fun party favours. After a couple of drinks, these were an absolute hit with the entire crowd!

our friend Linda wacking the pinataThere were several Piñatas for the kids (and big kids too). This is Linda taking a whack at it (on the right)! Inside were candies, suckers and other treats.

We had a blast! It was so wonderful – we will definintely go back next year! Yes, we are already talking about returning next winter as well. What’s not to love?!

Aroudn 10pm we called it quits, an early night, but I was grateful to head home at a decent hour. It had been a busy week; some sleep was needed.

water taxi home_lights reflecting on the waterWe took a truck-taxi back to the pier and then caught the 24 hour water taxi back across the channel. The water was incredibly peaceful and still. The city lights were reflected on the water, as were several Christmas light displays. We caught another truck-taxi back to Jeanette & Emery’s place and from there James and I drove home. Despite leaving the party “early” we still didn’t get home until almost midnight!

It was a fun and memorable night!