2 Trips to the Mazatlan Hospital

Jan 10, 2012 by

James at the Mazatlan hospital getting his ribs wrappedWe were out for the evening visiting our friends, John & Debbie, at the Penninsula. It is a beach-front condo building just down the street from where we are, in Cerritos. We sat around enjoying some munchies and good wine for a bit, then went up to John & Deb’s place. The have slippery marble floors and James was wearing new shoes with little or no traction… at one point, he tripped over an ottoman and took a nasty tumble. He landed hard on his ribs on the hard, wooden corner of the ottoman and slid face-first onto the marble floor. Yikes.

In typical male fashion, he declared, “I’m fine!” and suffered for several days until finally, on Boxing Day (the 26th) he decided that he should get his ribs looked at. It only hurt when he breathed, moved, laughed, coughed!

SMazatlan hospital room - just like back homeo, off we went for our first experience in a Mexico hospital. Thankfully, our angel Jeanette came with us and assisted with the translation. It turns out that the Emergency nurses and doctors at Sharpe Hospital speak good English, but having her with us was helpful anyway. She was able to understand the more subtle communications and ask more questions.

Jeanette holding James' xrayI was expecting a crowded waiting room filled with sick, coughing patients – like back home! This one was clean, quiet and surprislinly peaceful! There was only 1 person ahead of James, so we only waited out front for maybe 10 minutes before being taken back into a patient room. After a physical examination by the doctor, James was sent for xrays.

James was back in under 10 minutes and within another 5 minutes, the doctor was back in our patient room with his diagnosis.  James’ ribs were not broken or fractured, just badly bruised. James also had a hematoma (blood clot) over the injured spot on the ribs which was putting additional pressure on the ribs, contributing further to his pain and discomfort. James was given a prescription for anti-inflamatories and pain and then we were off, free to enjoy the rest of our day!Sharpe Hospital_Mazatlan MX

We were in and out in under an hour – a miracle!

We have travel insurance too, so we never saw a bill. The hospital contacted the travel insurance carrier and processed all of the necessary paperwork for us, which made things even easier. The claim also covered a follow-up appointment within 14 days, if needed.

However, after the week of medication was up James was still in crazy pain. He tried sleeping on heating pads (thanks, Deb!), sitting upright, sleeping on the chair downstairs. The pain continued.

Finally, on Jan 5th he decided that he should utilize that follow-up appointment and find out why the pain had not subsided. So, back to the hospital we went. Over came Jeanette to meet us – thanks  a million, Love! Turns out that James cracked his ribs afterall, but at the back. So it was missed in the first examination which focused on the area where the pain was – the front. With the impace of falling, it caused pressure on his ribs in a backward motion, causing the fracture at the back. So, now James has more meds and something to help him sleep – muchly needed. Oh, and a lovely girdle (above) – looks lovely on you, honey!! LOL

He also has strict instructions to rest and take it easy for min 3 weeks. I guess going deep sea fishing, to a baseball game, epic walks on the beach with David etc was not what the docotor ordered after the first visit! It was a wake-up call for James though – time to take care of himself. To slow down and really listen to his body.

An excellent reminder coming into 2012. 🙂




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  1. I suspect the real truth behind the cracked ribs was full contact Skipbo (Card game). the game got a little intense, James jumped up because he FINALLY won! and slipped…

    I say BUSTED!!!!