David’s Shark

Dec 30, 2011 by

David's Shark catch Dec 29, 2011One of the activities that James arranged for David during his stay with us over the Christmas holidays was to go deep sea fishing.

The day they went was a stunning day for fishing – the sky was clear, the waves were calm and it was warm but not scorching hot.

Jdeep sea fishing sunrise on Dec 29, 2011ames and David were out the door in the wee hours (before 6am), being picked up by taxi and taken to the Marina – where they met up with our dear friends Emery and Gordie and were introduced to their captain and crew. Needless to say, I stayed home, in bed and slept in!

They guys left the harbour by 6:30am and enjoyed smooth sailing all the way out. They went out a good ways too – further then I expected: over 25 miles off shore! Thank you to Alex Sr (the captain) and Alex Jr (the crew) of BiBi Fleet Deep Sea Fishing and Tours who took such awesome care of the guys on their excersion.

Everyone took a turn in “the seat”, on the sharp lookout for fish and David was up first.

Sure enough, only a short while after they were out at sea, David caught and reeled in a Shark!

The rest of the day was quiet with no further catches. The guys came back in to shore around 2pm and arrived home around 2:30pm.

It turns out that while it was a great day for fishing, it was not a great day for catching!

Deep sea fishing boatsea turtlesAll the fishing boats put up a color-coded flag representing what they caught at sea. This is a visible way to see what everyone’s catch was for the day. There were very few boats that had any flags flying, so David’s shark was a great win that day.

As Gordie says, “that’s why it’s called Fishing and not Catching!”

To James’ surprise, what they did see a lot of were sea turtles! Out in the middle of nowhere were sea turtles. Often with birds resting on their backs!

Who’d have thought!

Neither David nor James are partial to shark meat, so they gave the catch to the crew. A nice tip for a fun day at sea.

When James and David got home, they both crashed for lengthy naps. Then, we went out to enjoy a great dinner together while over looking the ocean at sunset.

A perfect day!