Pure Vanilla

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Make your own vanilla

vanilla recipe - yum!

I posted this recipe on Facebook with huge “likes”, so here it is on our blog. Have fun with it!!

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A popular item here in Mexico is natural vanilla, but even the bottles saying “natural” aren’t always the pure stuff.

Here is a great recipe you can make anywhere!


make your own vanillaIngredients: a cheap bottle of vodka, 8 vanilla beans, tall thin glass container with lid.


Directions: slit the beans length-wise in half carefully leaving the ends connected, stand them up in the tall thin jar full of vodka (with enough vodka that the beans are covered). Put the lid on and leave it for 2 weeks. You do not need to refridgerate it.

Use as needed and enjoy!

As you use it, top it off with vodka and add a fresh vanilla bean or two each year.

We have ours going!

People here have 15 and 20+ year bottles!

Super Fun.


Let me know if you start one too!


Huge hugs from the beach. Namaste. 🙂